What We Do

Leave It To Us is a not-for-profit that provides shopping services to high-risk risk individuals in communities all over the United States.

Fee-Free Shopping

We deliver Fee-Free shopping to high-risk individuals in order to keep them safe.

Maintain the Health of the Community

The ultimate goal of everyone involved is to keep the people of our communities in good health.

Serviced by Young Leaders

Leave It To Us is predominantly operated by young leaders around the country.

Expansion and Growth

We are growing with hopes of having chapters all across our nation.

How We Got Started

Ever since we dismissed for spring break, I've been trying to think of something to do with my time that could make a small impact on my community during this crisis. While I was on the phone with my father's senior cousin, I found myself talking about precautions that she should take in order to prevent infection of COVID-19 because she is amongst the most vulnerable population. I told her that I could help her, and her neighbors, purchase and deliver groceries so they wouldn't have to go to the stores and risk getting sick.

As I was shopping for them, the question dawned on me of "why can't my friends and I do this for every at-risk person in the community?" My friends didn't hesitate to say yes. So I started "Leave It To Us - Fee Free Senior Citizen Shopping." I am happy to say that since we started, I have received a lot of requests from students all around the Chicagoland area & even nationwide on how to start a chapter of Leave It To Us in their communities. I hope that we continue to grow & are able to service all of Chicagoland & nationwide in the weeks to come.

-Michael Arundel

This is a non-profit organization composed of a group of college students, with the common goal of supplying senior citizens with their grocery/pharmacy needs during this global COVID-19 pandemic. Deliveries are free and items are paid for upon delivery.